“Big Love” in the Bloggernacle

I just watched an episode of “Big Love” tonight on HBO.  In case you have been living in a fall-out shelter, this is the show about a polygamist family living in Sandy Utah with three wives and around ten children.  I have thought several times while watching recent episodes that the writers seem to be doing some reading in the bloggernacle.  There are many issues raised in the show which seem, coincidentally, to have been discussed in the ‘nacle just prior to the episode airing.  But this episode clinched it.  The ‘nacle recently buzzed with a  dustup over the Marriot Hotel chain (controlled by prominent Mormons) and its practice of renting in-room adult movies to its patrons. 

The dust from that scuffle has not even settled and, hey presto, we have an exchange between main characters on Big Love tonight discussing the same issue.  If you didn’t catch the episode, or are not a Big Love fan, the main character, Bill, has been exploring the idea of buying into a business that makes gambling machines.  The first wife, Barb, is against it.  Bill tries to justify it by using an example of others who are involved in businesses that profit from sales of products or practices which their church’s teachings condemn.  Bill’s example?  You guessed it.  “Marriott Hotels, and their practice of selling adult movies in their rooms while remaining upstanding members of the community” [I’m paraphrasing, but that’s pretty close].

So if you’re a writer for HBO, welcome to the bloggernacle.  Glad we could help with your job.  Maybe in return, you could mention us in an episode?


4 Responses

  1. MCQ

    I think it is great you watch the show, I think the writers have done a pretty good job. Nor do I see that mainstream LDS should really take offense. I know that many I have talked with seem reluctant to watch however.

    Are you liking Bill less and less as his Character continues to develop?

  2. I actually like Bill more. I think he is ambitious and wants to accomplish great things but finds himself constantly struggling with issues createdby his faith, which he holds onto tightly despite everything. I think that is admirable. sometimes, the portrayals of Mormons in the show seem stereotypical, and some terminology is not used correctly, but those are minor quibbles. Overall I think it’s well done.

    It’s interesting that you bring up the LDS reaction to the show. I have not encountered this personally, but I have heard of some Mormons objecting to the show because they think it glamorizes or sensationalized polygamy. I think people who say that have never watched the show, and I disagree that the show is doing that.

    We had the same phenomenon with the PBS documentary “The Mormons.” Many LDS people refused to watch it and many that did were disgusted by it because it was not how they are used to seeing the Church portrayed, because there were opposing viewpoints presented. That is a mistake, in my view. We need to learn to understand the other points of view, or our view of our church is one-sided and weak. Ultimately, the Church is just a temporary construct designed to help us come closer to God. It’s God, and our relationship with Him, that matters, it’s God that is eternal, not the Church. People forget that.

  3. Good point,

    I just think Bill seems to be getting more controlling, and less sensitive to his wives as time goes on. It will be interesting to see where they go with Barb and how she is dealing.

    My wife who has never been LDS, doesn’t like it much when while watching the show I throw out something like, if I was Bill I would do this or that instead. I get the well you don’t even ever have to think about that now do you.

  4. Ha! My wife’s the same way, although sometimes she says it would be worth it to have the extra help around the house. She thinks if she was the first wife she would never have to do housework, and she would always have plenty of babysitters. It kinda sounds like sharing me would not be that much of a problem for her. I don’t know whether to be insulted by that…

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