A Fond Farewell to a Great Prophet

It’s with great sadness that we mark the passing of President Gordon B. Hinckley, and yet it seems a happy occasion as well, as he has now been released from his long labor here to join his wife and other departed family members.  The Church has benefitted greatly from the hard work and wonderful personality of this great man and he will be sorely missed, but we know he goes on to other great things and much deserved rest in the eternities.  He has been our prophet for a long time, and even before he was actually called as president he was our de facto leader because of the periods of poor health of the presidents who preceded him, and with whom he selflessly served for so many years.  Continue reading


The Bravery, Live

The Bravery 

Every once in a while, you catch a band that seems ready to take the next big step and launch into the stratosphere.  The Bravery seems like that kind of band right now.  Continue reading

The Damnwells – New Songs

Alex Dezen of The Damnwells has written some new songs and, as always, they’re completely fantastic.  I hope they make it onto a new Damnwells album.  Here’s one symptom of what’s wrong with the music business:  The Damnwells are not as successful as bands with half the talent they have.  If you love these guys as much as I do, pass the word, and buy their albums: Bastards of the Beat and Air Stereo.

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The Flaws

The Flaws are a great new band from Ireland, whose album, Achieving Vagueness, is (despite their name) flawless.  Check them out and let me know what you think. Hat Tip to Robin for discovering this band.

New Year, New Goals

I hate the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Resolutions sound ephemeral, like something done purely as a mental exercise.  Across the country, in Congress and state legislatures, resolutions are passed regularly that have zero force and zero effect.  Similarly, New Year’s Resolutions are made by people every year and broken before Velentine’s Day.  Forget resolutions: let’s make some goals.  Goals are good.  Goals have gravitas.  And let’s write them down, because, you know, an unwritten goal is merely a wish.  After that, let’s figure out how we’re going to achieve these goals.  Continue reading