The Flaws

The Flaws are a great new band from Ireland, whose album, Achieving Vagueness, is (despite their name) flawless.  Check them out and let me know what you think. Hat Tip to Robin for discovering this band.


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  1. These guys are great. Thanks for the heads up! Reminds me a bit of a band I discovered at a show recently called Your Black Star. One of my fave finds of 2007.

    When I first heard Damien Rice way back when, I started wondering what the music scene in Ireland was like, and I hung out a lot on an Irish music web forum to discover new stuff. That’s how I learned about the Frames, Damien Dempsey, Luka Bloom, Whipping Boy, etc. There was a huge singer-songwriter thing going on then.

    You might like Whipping Boy (they were huge in the 90s there, not around anymore):

    Here’s Your Black Star:

  2. I think the links in my comment made it go in your spam.

  3. Susan: Thanks. Do you know a band called Hundred Reasons? Been wondering what you think of them, since they’re a bit more rockin’. Here’s a video:

  4. That song’s ok. Sounds like something my daughter would like.

    The thing I like about the Flaws (and Your Black Star) is the melancholy vibe. It’s very 80s sounding. I went to the Flaws website and they have a bunch of videos, some live, some not, and I listened to them all day. I need to pick up their album.

  5. The Flaws album is fantastic. There is literally not a single bad song. Hundred Reasons used to be more hard rock, and they mellowed out a bit on their latest album. The jury’s still out on whether they gained more fans than they lost.

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