New Music: Band of Skulls, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey

Band of Skulls

Band of Skulls

Band of Skulls is a new 3-piece british band that has recently released its debut album, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey.  You can listen to the whole album on their website.  This band is getting a lot of attention right out of the gate and for good reason.  Bassist/vocalist Emma Richardson looks and sounds like a young Chrissy Hynde (but hotter).  Guitarist/vocalist Russell Marsden sounds like a cross between Caleb Followill and Jack White (but hotter).  Drummer Matt Hayward is intense without being overwhelming (but he’s not quite so hot).  This is definitely a new band you will want to check out and will keep listening to for a long time to come.  They are going to be huge (remember, you heard it here first).


8 Responses

  1. These guys are wicked, first heard of them last week when i spotted the single on itunes, brilliant tune! they have the rehearsal vid on youtube 🙂

  2. Thanks Kris!

  3. aww sweet cheers, dope ass vid!!
    they play at cargo tomorrow night, its free fridays 🙂 yipee!

  4. its their myspace thats a good place to start with these guys !!!

  5. aww just finished watching their shockhound session, have to share this link..if ur a fan u have to see it.!–band-of-skulls

  6. Thanks Jake, Awesome.

  7. Hiya, i work with the Band Of Skulls lot and would love to hear some feedback from fans about what they think about the single.

    Here is there shockhound session for those who missed it!–band-of-skulls

  8. Rock Pot link is dead… 😦

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