Are Birthers Just Racists?

It’s the only thing that explains their irrational behavior. I had not previously encountered this subset of Obama critics much in the wild, but recently I spoke at length to an otherwise reasonably intelligent person who insisted that Obama is not entitled to be president because, yep you guessed it, he wasn’t born in this country. I printed off the birth certificate that has been reproduced ad nauseum in many publications and in many locations all over the internet, but to no avail. The argument was that this birth certificate is not acceptable evidence of anything because it is not an original certified copy, and that the original certified copy has never been produced. Well, as you may already know, that just isn’t true. People who are qualified to make judgments about such things have, in fact, seen the original certified copy of the birth certificate, and they have verified that it exists, and it is exactly what it purports to be. The larger question is why these so-called “birthers” have never demanded any original certified copy of any other president’s birth certificate. Maybe because it isn’t really the certificate that’s the issue, it’s the president’s skin color that they are really having trouble with.


3 Responses

  1. What a sad conclusion. Was the one person you spoke to a racist? If not, how did you come to that conclusion? And the birther issue is not limited to him being born outside the country.

    1-He has never produced a copy of his original birth certificate – something he has access to.

    2-What he did put on line has never been vouched for by Hawaii. And it is not a “certified copy”.

    3-The two are not related.

    4-Dr Fukino vouched for his “original vital records” not an “original certified copy of thea birth certificate”.

    5-She refused to comment on what he posted online.

    Might you take a moment to listen to more than one person before you make such a conclusion? And knowing that what you downloaded is not a birth certificate might make your words more reasonable.

    • twanda: did you read any of the material I linked to, or are you, like the person I spoke with, immune from the actual facts?

      1- Your number 1 is flatly false. Check out the links. It is a certified copy. It has the stamp. It is signed.

      2- Hawaii should not, and cannot, comment on the birth certificate that is scanned online. What Hawaii can do is comment on the birth certificate that is in their files. They can verify that it exists and that it is genuine, which they have done.

      Given those facts, and others lke the original newspaper birth announcements, the fact has been established beyond doubt that the president was born in Hawaii.

      What more do you want? And further, why is it only this president that you are demanding this from? Why did you not insist on seeing any prior president’s birth certificate?

  2. twanda, to answer your other questions, I do not normally consider my fried to be a racist, but such conclusions become possible when you refuse to accede to normal, reasonable proof of a simple fact.

    The simple fact involved here is whether the president was born in this country. That fact has been established by the testimony of the Hawaiian authorities alone.

    The president has also gone to the added step of posting a copy of his birth certificate online, which he is not required to do. He has also gone further and released a certified copy to reputable news organizations and allowed them to examine it. Again, he is not required by law to do that.

    Others have verified that announcements of his birth in Hawaii were posted in newspapers in Hawaii at the time of his birth. Copies of those announcements have been posted online.

    At some point, after all of this evidence has been seen and accepted by all rational people, and after authorities in all fifty states of the union verified his citizenship for purposes of placing him on the ballot during the election, and after lawsuits on this issue have been filed and dismissed by the courts, it becomes inexplicable as to why people like you continue to debate this issue. There must be some reason beyond the question of the president’s birth. If it’s not racism, what is it?

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