Kings Of Leon – Live

I debated whether to go to this show, because I already saw the Kings in L.A., and they have not put out any new material since that tour. In the end, my love of the Kings got the best of me and I went to the Usana Amphitheater to see what the boys would play. Bottom line: I’m very glad I did.

This was a very different show from the one I saw at Nokia Theater. That show came at the beginning of their first American tour after the new album “Only By The Night” was released. The band seemed just a bit tentative, wondering how the new material would be received in their home country, where they had previously had much less success than in Europe. By comparison, this show was utterly confident, if a bit road-weary. The setlist was very different from the previous one as well, as the band was not so intent on showcasing the latest album, so there were more selections from previous albums.

There was new material too, as the band seems to be using this tour to try out some new things they have written for the next album. I love it when bands do this, and this concert featured four songs never heard before. Though they were not as polished as the other songs, they were fresh and raw and seemed like the start of something different but nice. Sounds like the new album may be a bit of a change of pace, if these new songs are any indication. Very cool.

As much as I hate the idea of giving those ratbastard snake oil salesmen at Usana any more publicity, the Usana Amphitheater is just an awesome place to see a concert. Outdoor venues often have problems with sound or seating or sightlines (or other tres importante words beginning with S), but this place has it all, even decent bathrooms and a gorgeous view. All together, it was a great night and I recommend seeing this band whenever and wherever you can catch them.


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