Rubicon – Caught in the Suck

Rubicon Episode Photos

“Why is it that the bad guys get to feel like they are 100% in line with God and the rest of us are just caught in the suck?”


I’m starting to think that I really want to work at API. It appears to have some serious job security and a killer benefits package. Plus, you get to travel! You only see the inside of third world prisons and you have to watch people get tortured, but you know, all jobs have a little bit of a downside. I’m taking that online test right now.

Maggie gets the shaft once again in this episode. Just when she thinks that Will might actually be interested, she is revealed to be the ultimate pawn. She just can’t win. If she’s not suffering the effects of a cruel twist of fate, she’s being manipulated by Ingram and left to slowly twist in the wind. If there’s any justice, Ingram will suffer for using people the way he does.

On the other hand, it does appear that Ingram may be on the right side of this. The evidence is mounting that he at least is not in on the conspiracy, although from the previous paragraph it should be obvious that no one in their right mind should trust the guy.

James Wheeler’s days may be numbered. He’s being watched, and yet he goes out on a limb to help Katherine. That doesn’t seem very smart, but it’s nice to see he has a conscience, even if it’s coming out a bit late. Those of you that said that the photograph was important were definitely on the right track. The last two episodes have had very little in the way of updates on Katherine. It seems like that side of the story is barely there. Is that intentional or do they just not know where they’re going with it?

It’s even harder now to know who the enemy is here. Ingram appears to be helping Will, but he’s also a ruthless manipulator and user who would probably sell out his own mother if it was in his interest. Spangler appears to be the head of a ring of power brokers who are trying to control world events partly through assassinations and other murderous means, but he’s not going to fire Tanya, he’s actually going to help her. And he appears to be one of the better managers you could possibly have. Maybe Goebbels had his good points too.


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