Rubicon – Look to the Ant

Look to the ant, thou sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise,

which, having no guide, overseer or ruler,

provideth her meat in the summer and gathereth her food in the harvest.

-Proverbs 6

Well, if things weren’t weird between Will and Maggie before, they are now. What a nightmare for her.

And what is the deal with Ingram? There may be few things creepier than that guy’s offer of “help.” I’m pretty sure Will shouldn’t trust him, but there’s a limit to what Will can do about it when Ingram is his boss. I’m not inclined to believe Ingram’s tip that Will should focus on Roy rather than Bloom, but Ingram may be tossing Will a real piece of info in order to gain his trust. I can’t decide if I think Ingram is offering to help Will at the direction of Spangler, or if he’s playing his own game, but something’s not right.

I’m guessing that the guy that was tailing Will was working for Spangler, but I don’t think Will’s idea of taking a photo of him is going to make a big difference. They’ll just put a different guy on him. Will may be able to find out who the guy is, but if he’s freelancing, so what? All he did was tip off the bad guys that he’s now packing heat.

The scene between Miles and the interpreter was fascinating. Not only because their interaction was interesting, but because George’s speech she translated from the surveillance of his son’s wedding was incredibly touching, and seemed to be directed right at Miles. What an amazingly well-written scene. Just beautiful.

Meanwhile Katherine is making as much progress in her investigation as Will is making in his. In fact, they arrive at the info on Atlas McDowell practically simultanneously. That’s ironic when you consider the resources that Will has at his disposal, but perhaps Katherine has an advantage because she has no other time commitments and practically unlimited money. They should really team up, and I bet they do in the next episode. Look for them to find out what Atlas McDowell does. My prediction? It’s nothing good.


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