Rubicon – No Honesty in Men

Rubicon Episode Photos

There’s no trust,
No faith, no honesty in men; all perjured,
All forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers.

-Romeo and Juliet, Act 3 Scene 2

Well, we have our answer regarding Kale Ingram: he’s not working with Spangler against Will. It appears now that he has aroused suspicions by meeting with Will and Spangler is having him followed. Spangler just seems more evil to me with every episode (who the hell ever heard of anyone named Truxton anyway?). When he smiles that jack-o-lantern grin and says, “We take care of our own,” I get the heebeejeebies big time. The fact that he’s ingratiating himself with Grant is ringing huge alarm bells for Will to watch his back. Ingram better do the same. I get the feeling that Spangler could kill them both and dispose of the bodies before his cereal got soggy, if he decided they were “compromising operational integrity.”

Will’s foray into Andy’s apartment seemed like a really, classically bad idea at first. I figured it was going to be a disaster immediately. Either she was a spy planted there by someone or she would just call the police. Turns out, she’s nine kinds of hot artist chick looking for an outlet. I suppose she could still be a spy, but I don’t think so. Seems like Will is still very leery of being too involved with her, but maybe it was a good thing they hooked up (so to speak). I mean, it’s so hard to find a hot chick that gets turned on by guns, y’know?

From Andy’s apartment Will was able to confirm that Bloom is the guy that planted the bugs, even though that doesn’t seem like a very big revelation. The problem with that info is that it makes Ingram look bad, since it was Ingram that Will saw meeting with Bloom, after which Ingram tried to steer Will off of Bloom and onto Roy. Will reacts predictably: he gets even more confrontational with Ingram and tells him it’s over. Presumably, he means that he’s not going to meet with Ingram and keep him posted any longer. Ingram throws Will a bone in the form of Tom Rhumor’s obit, which shows he killed himself the same day the crossword code was published. Again, this seems like tepid tea.

Meanwhile, Katherine is making progress with the photo of Tom and his boyhood friends. She already knows that one of the boys is James Wheeler. She shows the photo to Tom’s ex-wife, who tells her that another of the boys is Gerald Bradley. Bradley’s widow tells her that another of the boys is Spangler, and that Spangler is the Director of API. Katherine then takes a walk past the doors of API. Looks like the two investigations are getting closer to merging.

Tanya’s in rehab so the team gets Julia to help out, which sets Miles’ heart all a-flutter. Miles finally owns up to the fact that his marriage is over so that he can ask Julia out for a drink. Grant confides his issues to Miles after we see Grant’s wife show up at API to tell him that she just got fired and to put pressure on Grant to get a better job to help pay the bills. She still seems like a bit of a dragon lady to me, but losing a job could make anyone freak out so I’ll withhold judgment this time. I will only say this: She’s a redhead, so look out.


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