2010 Albums and Songs of the Year

This was a bit of a strange year in music, in my opinion. It saw the continued fracturing of rock and pop into even more sub-genres, which has been going on for quite a while, but there was an interesting rise of new folk music into the mainstream. This was best exemplified this year by the success of bands like Mumford and Sons, Delta Spirit, Broken Records and, to some extent, Arcade Fire. It has been happening for some time, as is evidenced by great albums in previous years by Augustana, Robert Plant and even Kings of Leon with their rootsy southern sound. I don’t know what to think of this trend, but I like it, as you’ll see from looking at my list.

You’ll note that I don’t have a lot of diverse musical styles on my list this year, and maybe that reflects bad judgment on my part but there just wasn’t anything in hip-hop or electronica that really captured my attention this year. A lot of love went to Kanye West and LCD Soundsystem in the media, but those albums just aren’t my thang, so I’ll leave them to those that truly love them and just tell you about the ones I’m really listening to.

I’m calling this post “Albums and Songs of the Year” because people don’t necessarily even buy music by the album anymore. It may already be dead as an art form, even though artists clearly seem to be still bent on releasing their music in album format.

Anyway, here are my picks, as usual in no particular order:

The National: High Violet

The Black Keys: Brothers

Broken Records: Let Me Come Home


The Flaws: Constant Adventure

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

Broken Bells: Broken Bells

Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More

Delta Spirit: History From Below

Rogue Wave:

Kings of Leon: Come Around Sundown


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