Huntsman 2012 – The Hip Choice?

This article on the nascent Huntsman campaign is the first one I’ve read that actually makes a credible case for how Huntsman could win a presidential race. After reading it, I’m still not sure he’s running this time around, and there seems to be some possibility he might wait until 2016, but his political strategy appears to be that he intends to pitch himself as (you ready for this?) the cool republican. Continue reading


Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

We haven’t talked about Foo Fighters new album, Wasting Light, which was released a couple weeks ago, and which reunited Grohl with Butch Vig, the Nirvana producer. I was planning to do a post on it but then I saw them perform on Letterman and thought the videos of that performance were just awesome, so I’m posting one of them above. As with most Foo Fighters albums, this album has some great tracks and some that just are over the top. One of the tracks, called “I Should Have Known” features Krist Novoselic on bass and appears to be a memoir of their former bandmate’s death, with Grohl repeatedly singing “I cannot forgive you yet.” Seriously. I think this album is one of the best albums this band has ever done.

My favorite track is the one above. I also really like “Walk.” Let me know your thoughts on this new Foo.

Fictionist in the Final Four

Fictionist is a great local band from here in Utah which has made it into the final four bands in a contest to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. You can check them out and listen to their music here and on that same site you can help them by giving them your support to make the cover (do it, it’s easy!). You can read a great interview with them here. Tell all your friends and relations to vote for them so we can get this cool Utah band on the cover of Rolling Stone. Thanks!

New Music: Augustana

Augustana is a band that evolves with every album, and their new self-titled album, out now, is no exception. We’ve talked about Augustana before here and here, and as previously noted, the band started out as straight-up pop-rock balladeers, but with their last album switched gears a bit into a bluegrass-influenced folk/americana sound. This new album continues in that path, while bringing along some of the pop hooks that brought the band fame to begin with. Continue reading

The Atonement and The Book of Mormon Musical

I’m always astonished to hear that there is little or no coordination among the speakers at General Conference. We correlate and pre-approve everything in this Church, but apparently, to a great extent, conference has escaped this tendency. Yet somehow, despite this, there is always a broad span of subjects covered and rarely a lot of overlap. This time, however, there were two talks on the Atonement. An overzealous attempt at correlation might have squelched one of these, but that would have been a mistake, as they covered the topic in different ways and they bracketed the conference nicely, one occurring in the Saturday morning session and one in the Sunday afternoon session. Both were by members of the seventy, the first by Elder Kent F. Richards, and the last by Elder C. Scott Grow (no relation to his more famous counterpart, Elder C. Spot Run) (ok, I apologize for that joke). Continue reading

Justified: Debts and Accounts

The name of this episode is, once again, significant in more ways than one. Mags is despondent over Coover’s death and wants to “settle accounts.” She meets with Raylan’s aunt, who is apparently representing the Givens side of things. After some talk, Mags is apparently convinced not to go after Raylan for the killing. She also shares the Black Pike money. Before leaving the bar, she is confronted by a man who is upset about her selling out to the mining company. She warns him in front of a bar full of people that he will be killed if he speaks to her like that again. Don’t mess with Mags. Continue reading

Augustana – Steal Your Heart

Augustana’s new album is due April 26th. Here’s an acoustic version of the first single: