Idol: Rank ‘Em 1-11 Again

So we already know that Naima and Thia were the ones eliminated. I think that was the right decision, as much as I liked Naima’s originality. The problem with Thia, as I said before, is that she’s just not interesting. You can easily sleep through her performances. Naima has the opposite problem: she’s maybe too interesting, in that her originality and risk-taking are going to alienate as many people as they impress. So leaving those two aside, here’s my ranking:

9. Jacob
8. Scotty
7. Paul
6. Stefano
5. James
4. Lauren
3. Haley
2. Pia
1. Casey

The important part of this episode was Casey’s comeback. He was just red hot and redeemed himself for all of his earlier silliness. He really showed amazing talent and should get a clue from that and try to tone it down a little more often instead of letting his singing be overshadowed by his ridiculous excesses: Escess beard, excess antics, excess growliness, …etc. He ruled the night in my opinion. Great song, amazing execution.

I want to admit right here that I am biased. I love Pia. I wish I could hang out with her, like, every day. She sang one of my favorite songs and she did it so well and looked so great doing it that I will probably never go back to the Elton John version. I hope she wins this season, because, for me, she almost can do no wrong.

I am also a big fan of James, but this week I thought he just yelled his way through the song. He’s also better when he tones it down a little. Steven Tyler tried to clue him in on that in his comments. I hope James was listening.

Haley has some amazing skillz but I think she oversells the growl too. She goes there just a bit too much when she should just sing the damn song and let the growl come out only on the biggest notes. Having said that, she totally rocked Benny.

Lauren picked a great song and she did well with it, probably her best yet, but she doesn’t really do much for me.

Stafano is the male version of Thia. He’s in grave danger of being boring because he pretty much sings everything the same. Good voice, not a great performer.

Paul is a great performer, and I’m a fan of his, but Rocket Man is not the song to make into a lounge number, if any song ever is. He did a little too much talking to the audience during the song, and he made it too up-tempo. To me, if you’re going to do Rocket Man with an acoustic guitar, strip it down and make it empty and quiet. Sit down and quit dancing around. And that suit has to go. Not a great performance from him, but I still like him, even though he frustrates me.

I still don’t get Scotty or Jacob. I’m starting to agressively dislike Scotty. I hope he goes away soon because he can’t possibly win (as Simon would say) and he’s definitely a one trick pony (as Jimmy Iovine did say). Having said that, I still liked his performance this week better than Jacob’s. I figured out what it is about Jacob’s voice that bugs me: he sounds like a woman. Not a girl. A big, diva-like woman, with a mumu and really red lipstick. Sorry I just don’t feel his greatness, though I know the judges do.

I should probably also admit that I absolutely love these songs. I grew up with Elton John and there was a time whem I listened to his greatest hits almost non-stop. I know all these songs better than the back of my hand and i have sung them in the shower on occasions so numerous as to be truly embarassing. So, for me, you better watch out if you screw with these songs too much. Paul crossed that line, in my opinion, which is why I ranked him so low. Scotty obliterated the line.

I’m always surprised when AI does Elton John and no one does Sacrifice. It was covered by Sinead in 1991 and someone needs to do it the same way she did. It would kill.

Your thoughts?


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