Justified: Debts and Accounts

The name of this episode is, once again, significant in more ways than one. Mags is despondent over Coover’s death and wants to “settle accounts.” She meets with Raylan’s aunt, who is apparently representing the Givens side of things. After some talk, Mags is apparently convinced not to go after Raylan for the killing. She also shares the Black Pike money. Before leaving the bar, she is confronted by a man who is upset about her selling out to the mining company. She warns him in front of a bar full of people that he will be killed if he speaks to her like that again. Don’t mess with Mags.

She also settles accounts with Dickie, but it seems to me that she leaves a lot undone there. She knows how he is and what he’s been doing and yet, instead of putting the fear of God into him, she gives him the weed business and severs ties with him. Essentially, she blames him for Coover’s death. I think she knows how Dickie will react, and she’s letting it happen. She wants Raylan dead and she’ll let Dickie do the dirty work, because then she gets to claim that she kept her promise to leave it alone. I think she also knows that Dickie will go after Boyd, and she’s letting that happen as well, because if Dickie succeeds, then she can get back in control without going back on her deal with Boyd. She appears not to care what might happen to Dickie in all this. Nice, Mom.

Accounts are also getting settled between the two couples, Raylan & Winona and Boyd & Ava. Boyd is in Ava’s debt for her willingness to cover for him on the mine robbery, but he’s leaving Ava’s place and she seems conflicted about it. He claims he has to leave because she won’t allow criminal activity. Clearly, this means he’s going back into the family business and understands that Ava will want no part of it. Ava gets it and orders him out, but there’s something wistful about it. We’re not done here.

Meanwhile, Winona is in Raylan’s debt for his help in getting her out of the mess she created by stealing money from the evidence room, but she has been dodging his calls. When he finally gets to talk to her, she wants more favors, and says they ought to not see each other for a while. Raylan doesn’t like this and she seems to not mean it either. Seems she needs a ride to the lawyer’s office to discuss her divorce from Gary. The scene between Raylan and Winona is priceless: a study in conflicting egos and expectations. Raylan implies that Winona may be losing her mind, and she agrees that she thought she might be crazy. On the way to the lawyer’s office, there’s a silver Caddy following them with two men in it. Raylan handles it in typical fashion. Nothing is resolved with Winona as Raylan has to go see Loretta, and Winona has to meet with Gary. We’re not done here either.

Raylan’s scene with Loretta is heartbreaking because this kid seems too grownup for her age, but yet completely lost at the same time. She’s sad about her Dad, but mostly she feels bad for not missing him more. Now she has no one to live with and has to go to foster care. Raylan convinces her to give it a try. He doesn’t baby her, and seems a bit uncaring here, but there’s also a sense that he knows this is what she needs. It’s a painful scene, because this kid has been seriously messed up, but there’s nothing anyone can do about it now. It’s a debt someone else owes, on an account that can’t be settled.

Raylan tries to settle up with Art, but Art won’t have it. Rather than having it out, Art says they will never speak of it, and claims he’s stuck with Raylan. He tells Raylan to just keep on doing what he’s going to do and Art will keep cleaning up after him. He thinks the problem will work itself out because Raylan’s not going to be around that long anyway. Harsh. There was a friendship there, but it’s now a train wreck. Raylan appears very dissatisfied about the whole thing.

Boyd begins his new job by reacquainting himself with his only remaining family. Yes, Johnny is alive, though he’s in a wheelchair and apparently has had a colostomy. He’s bitter about Boyd and skeptical of his plans, but he has no better options, so he goes along. Boyd’s line to Johnny: “I don’t believe in miracles anymore,” cements the fact that Boyd has abandoned any pretense of his former beliefs and attempts at a life of legitimacy. They start by going to get one of Boyd’s former henchmen and plan to get Johnny’s bar back. Dickie shows up in the middle of the planning and serves notice that Boyd’s deal with Mags is off. He’s got his own henchman and it appears this is going to be an epic battle for control. Boyd is characteristically low-key, and cryptically says: “We just found our messenger.” Clearly, he plans to use Dickie to announce his new business to the populace. This will not end well for someone.

After his discussion with Art, Raylan feels there’s no play for him left as a Marshal in Art’s domain, so he proposes to Winona that they run off together and go back to the Marshal’s academy at Glyco, Georgia, where Raylan hopes to be an instructor in firearms, as he was before when he first met Art. He tells Winona he loves her, and is taken aback by her reply: “That’s sweet.” she’s a bit cynical about the whole proposal and wants to think about it, which of course makes Raylan a little mad. On their way home, The silver Caddy shows up again and attacks them, causing them to flee into a nearby manufacturing plant. Raylan gives Winona his handgun and tells her if they get past him to “keep shooting until they stop moving or you run out of bullets.” Raylan eventually shoots both the assailants and when he returns to Winona, she says yes to Glynco. But something tells me they’re not going right away. Still some accounts left to settle.

Boyd is hanging around outside Ava’s house at night and she finds him there as she returns from a walk. It’s clear he has feelings for her and she finally gives in to her feelings as well. This is going to be quite a relationship, I think.

Clark’s right that there’s something unsatisfying about Boyd’s sudden trasition back to crimelord. It seems he believes it to be an inevitability, after he was drug back into crime against his will at the mine, but there could have, and probably should have, been another scene where he struggles with his options, and Ava does too. It seemed too easy for both of them, and the choice they appear to be making is one they could very well regret forever. Maybe the show is saying that choices like that are often made way too easily. It also seems to be saying that you sometimes can’t run away from your past, and that there is a certain inevitability about some choices. Boyd almost appears unable to go legit even when he wants to.

Raylan and Winona also appear to be locked into a fate that they hardly chose. They want to run away to Glynco and live happily ever after, but does anyone think they actually will? Big things happening next week.


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