Kony 2012


Huntsman 2012 – The Hip Choice?

This article on the nascent Huntsman campaign is the first one I’ve read that actually makes a credible case for how Huntsman could win a presidential race. After reading it, I’m still not sure he’s running this time around, and there seems to be some possibility he might wait until 2016, but his political strategy appears to be that he intends to pitch himself as (you ready for this?) the cool republican. Continue reading

Are Birthers Just Racists?

It’s the only thing that explains their irrational behavior. I had not previously encountered this subset of Obama critics much in the wild, but recently I spoke at length to an otherwise reasonably intelligent person who insisted that Obama is not entitled to be president because, yep you guessed it, he wasn’t born in this country. I printed off the birth certificate that has been reproduced ad nauseum in many publications and in many locations all over the internet, but to no avail. The argument was that this birth certificate is not acceptable evidence of anything because it is not an original certified copy, and that the original certified copy has never been produced. Well, as you may already know, that just isn’t true. People who are qualified to make judgments about such things have, in fact, seen the original certified copy of the birth certificate, and they have verified that it exists, and it is exactly what it purports to be. The larger question is why these so-called “birthers” have never demanded any original certified copy of any other president’s birth certificate. Maybe because it isn’t really the certificate that’s the issue, it’s the president’s skin color that they are really having trouble with.

Mormonism Unveiled

Fox News asked some questions of the Mormon Church and published the Q&A.  The questions are, as noted by the Church, somewhat obnoxious in some cases, but perhaps that comes from ignorance.  For the most part, I think the church did a very good job answering these questions.  In some cases, I would have said something different.  Here are the questions and answers, with my notes after each: Continue reading