Spring Concerts: Augustana and Band of Skulls

Pretty much the only two reasons to be inside in the spring just happened in Salt Lake City the last couple of weeks. Augustana and Band of Skulls both showed up in town for much-needed reappearances. These are two of my favorite bands, as is readily apparent to anyone who has read much of my previous concert reviews, so I’ll spare you the repetition of why they are two of the greatest bands ever and just get straight to the facts: If you don’t go see these bands you are a moron. Continue reading


New Music: Augustana

Augustana is a band that evolves with every album, and their new self-titled album, out now, is no exception. We’ve talked about Augustana before here and here, and as previously noted, the band started out as straight-up pop-rock balladeers, but with their last album switched gears a bit into a bluegrass-influenced folk/americana sound. This new album continues in that path, while bringing along some of the pop hooks that brought the band fame to begin with. Continue reading

Augustana – Steal Your Heart

Augustana’s new album is due April 26th. Here’s an acoustic version of the first single:


See my review of Augustana’s show at the Avalon in SLC here.

Dashboard Confessional (sort of) and Augustana (not)

Chris Carrabba

 This concert at In the Venue was billed as “Dashboard Confessional (solo) with Augustana and John Ralston.”  We didn’t know what to make of that, but we like Augustana a lot, so we went.  Continue reading