New Music for the End of the Decade: Stereophonics

Leave it to band of the decade nominee Stereophonics to capture the moment as this unfortunate decade winds to a close. They are making their case for the brass ring with their new album, very appropriately titled, Keep Calm and Carry On. I especially like the second half of this album, with the closing song “Show Me How” winning me over as the album eases to a melancholy but soulful close. Continue reading


Inspired Leadership and the Priesthood Ban

A recent post over at BCC got me thinking again about the priesthood ban and its origins and the reasons for its continuation in the Church until 1978. Based on my study of the subject I have long ago come to the conclusion that the ban originated with Brigham Young and was never based on revelation nor on any true doctrine of the Church, but only on Brigham Young’s prejudices. None of that means that BY was a bad person or a fallen prophet. He was neither of those things, just fallible, as are all of us, and a product of his time, at least with respect to racial issues. Continue reading